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EXCLUSIVE: Fujitsu Secretly Axe 1,500 Staff, 1,800 To Go In UK


Fujitsu who is set to axe 1800 staff in the UK has secretly axed over 1500 people in Australia.

Last week we revealed that the Company has axed 200 as Lenovo moves to take over the Companies PC Business. We can now reveal that the struggling Australian operation has in fact secretly axed over 1,500 people with more jobs set to be cut from the Australian and New Zealand operations.

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The Company has also moved to replace seasoned and experienced executives who have been working on major accounts such as Toyota, Qantas and various Government accounts with executives on lower salaries according to former employees.

Former Kaz MD Mike Foster who is now CEO of Fujitsu Australia told ChannelNews that “no announcements” have been made in Australia regarding the sackings. He referred us to his in-house spin doctors when we started asking questions about problems associated with major accounts in the Companies managed services portfolio.

Desperate to cut costs Fujitsu Australia is facing the real possibility that they could lose hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of business next year with former executives telling ChannelNews that several Fujitsu customers are very upset about not being involved in the decision to axe staff working on projects for them and that terminations have affected projects.

Last year Fujitsu Australia were forced to take over their struggling PC business in Australia, now the Company is looking to sell off its struggling PC business globally to Lenovo.

Fujitsu said that the job losses in the UK, which total more than 15 percent of its UK workforce, are the result of a program to improve efficiency and enhance its ability to compete.

The cost-cutting has become necessary as a result of increased cloud use by Fujitsu’s traditional customer base as companies choose to consume as-a-service offerings rather than purchase and run their own infrastructure.

“Fujitsu is planning a transformation program that will enable it to better support customers in the era of digital transformation,” the company said. “As part of the program, Fujitsu plans to streamline operations in order to remain competitive in the market.”

At EMC where Foster previously worked and was terminated he was known as “The hatch man. He then went on to work at Telstra prior to joining Fujitsu.