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Vodafone Bundles Moto G8 With Smart Clock

Motorola’s moto g8 smartphone is now available through Vodafone, with a bonus smart clock offer for customers who purchase one on a selected plan.

The mid-tier smartphone will come with a Lenovo Smart Clock, featuring Google Assistant and valued at $129. According to Danny Adamopoulos, General Manager of Sales, APAC for Mature Markets, Motorola, the moto g8 delivers premium features at an affordable price.

“Motorola is proud to provide consumers with a smartphone that has the latest features in a sleek modern design. We are excited to launch the moto g8 through Vodafone with a great offer for consumers,” he said.

The moto g8 runs Windows 10 powered by 4GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 octa-core processor, and features an AI camera system with ultra-wide-angle lens. Vodafone is selling it for $299 in Neon Blue and Pearl White.

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