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LG Calls PR Pitch As Battle With Samsung Reaches New Heights

LG Calls PR Pitch As Battle With Samsung Reaches New Heights

In recent weeks Samsung has launched their new range of TVs at a big budget Star Casino bash complete with celebrities and indoor and outdoor staging. This was followed by another impressive launch event for their new Samsung Galaxy S4 right out the front of the Sydney Opera House.

In comparison LG chose a waterfront house in Darling Point where guests had to stand due to a lack of chairs to launch their TV. The star attraction was their Curved OLED TV and movie celebrity Ewan McGregor.

Several journalists at the Samsung event complained on Twitter feeds said that the event was more “fluff” than substance. 

ChannelNews has been told that a number of PR agencies are currently pitching for LG Electronics’ multimillion dollar global PR account. 

Philip Anderson, the recently appointed PR Manager at LG Electronics Australia, confirmed the pitch to ChannelNews. 

Last year LG extended their contract with the Ogilvy & Mather unit LG-One who was appointed to the business in 2009 for one year.

The pitch that is taking place this week in Korea could see the account split up or consolidated with one major agency.

In the past WPP’s strategy was to brief another one of their PR agencies to pitch for the business if they believe an incumbent could lose the business. 

This is the same global communication company that rolled out the Australian branded Professional Public Relations Company PPR into several cities around the world despite PPR having no accounts in these cities.

ChannelNews understands that this was done so that WPP could use the brand to pitch for competitive accounts.

In Australia the PPR run ‘Year of the Farmer’ PR campaign was branded a “flop” by both Farmers and the National Farmers Federation.

In recent weeks LG has risen to third position in the global smartphone market behind Samsung. In Australia LG has taken TV market share away from Samsung, Sony and Panasonic this year despite Samsung still holding the #1 TV position in Australia.

Shortly LG Australia will enter the PC market – a move that could be a problem for Ogilvy & Mather as they have the Toshiba account. Both LG One and Ogilvy & Mather operate out of the same offices in Sydney.