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Fujitsu Offers SMEs Free Cloud Trial

Fujitsu Offers SMEs Free Cloud Trial

The trial will go for two months, until the end of January, and covers infrastructure services, software services and platforms services. Launched only 18 months ago, analyst Longhaus has recognised Fujitsu as the second most trusted provider of enterprise grade cloud services in Australia.

In a media release Craig Baty, Fujitsu executive general manager and chief technology officer, said “we have introduced this trial offer as an added incentive that will appeal to smaller organisations such as ISVs and SMEs to drive the development and use of Australian applications. It will also allow organisations of all sizes to test the suitability of the cloud locally.”

Online Business Technologies managing director, Shane Muller, questioned the benefits of the trial for small companies. However, he did recognise the trial as a good way of Fujitsu testing SME market demand for cloud computing.

Fujitsu’s data centre in Homebush will be hosting the trial, with Fujitsu claiming it offers “multi-tier” security, can be accessed via a web interface and is based on CentOS virtual machines.

SME’s are offered a virtual machine with 2 x 1GHz CPU, 3.4GB of memory, 10GB of OS space, 50 GB of storage and an internet connection with a single IP address. ISV’s score one CPU, 1.7GB of memory and 30 GB of additional disk space.

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