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New Wireless 9.3 Channel Receiver From Denon

New Wireless 9.3 Channel Receiver From Denon

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The Denon AVR4810 is a multi-zone AV receiver that has nine built-in 140W (8ohms, 20Hz-20Khz) amplifiers that can be configured to a host of system designs. It includes 6 HDMI inputs/2 outputs (1.3a) with Denon Link technology, has built-in decoders for Dolby TrueHD / dts-HD Master audio, and an Advanced AL24 Multi Channel PCM processor which “delivers a superior sonic performance from any CD or PCM source”.

The AVR4810 also claims to provide “the best possible audio playback for portable audio devices such as iPods and MP3 players by including their new Compressed Audio Restorer”. This audio restorer uses restoration technologies to increase frequency response and dynamic range that is normally lost in compressed audio formats.

In addition, Denon has included the Anchor Bay ABT2010 VRS video processor chipset that will convert all analogue video signals to HDMI and scale up to 1080p/24 from flagged discs and will also allow scaling up to 1080p from an HDMI source as well.

The AVR4810 also includes DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) networking capabilities and has both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity (Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g certified) for streaming of audio & picture files from a PC or NAS drive. If the AVR4810 is connected to a network with broadband capabilities, it will be able to provide access to Internet Radio.

Finally, the AVR4810 has 4 zone capabilities and can operate via analogue pre-outs for Zone 2 & 3 and digital pre-out for Zone 4; or 4 of the AVR4810s 9 channels can be reassigned to run Zone 2 & 3. The AVR4810 has separate speaker terminals for Zone 2 & 3 which means that they can be hard wired to the AVR4810 without sacrificing up to 9.3 channels in the main theatre room.

The AVR4810 has a recommended retail price of $5999 and is available in Black and Premium Silver.