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“Gen F”: Tweet Freaks, Pin Heads, Instaspammers

“Gen F”: Tweet Freaks, Pin Heads, Instaspammers

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And half of us are addicted to Facebook, Twitter and Co.

Well if you’re between the ages of 16-25 years, at least. 

500 Aussie males and females aged 16-25 years quizzed by Boost Mobile, and almost 50% admitted to being addicted to social media.

But like drugs and alcohol, this addiction can contradict the social objectives it was originally designed for, with Facebookers at risk on placing more value on ‘virtual’ friends than real ones.

Also, take note, this 50% ‘admitted’ to their addiction, while others may still be in denial. In addition, more females than males (60%) confessed to their ‘addiction.’

Seven out of ten social media ‘addicts’ confessed to checking their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest feeds up to a staggering 10 times a day.

15-19 year olds spend three hours a day on Facebook et al while 20-29 year olds spend slightly less – two hours.

The Social Network is the most popular type of social media, with 90% of those surveyed actively using their account.

Over half check soial networks via smartphone. Just 20% of the 500 people surveyed don’t have access to a smartphone – most of the have-nots were from regional areas.

So, where are they doing it?

In bed is the most popular place people chose to check their social media feeds, on the toilet and while eating were also front runners

Here’s the lowdown on the new breed of addicts:

Generation ‘F’ (Facebook): Constant scanning for notifications and feeds for new activity. It’s not unusual for these people to have 1,000 friends. These crazy F-addicts check their Facebook up to 50 times A DAY.

Instaspammer: Taking photos of literally every meal you eat and object you see. There are already 252,000 users of Instagram in OZ and a new user joins every second globally.

Tweet Freak: Typing every thought that comes to mind, no matter how inappropriate or irrelevant. There are around 1.8 millon Aussie Twitter members.

Pin Head: Scrapbooking on steroids. Collecting every video and image that catches the eye. 470,000 Aussies are Pin Heads.

 Paul O’Neile, CEO, Boost Mobile, describes the findings as “really incredible” and says it “just shows the reliance youth now have on social media.”

“These findings show us that some people may have lost all traditional social graces. With the prominence of smart phones they are happy to use their phone anytime and anywhere, just to keep up with what their friends are saying or what pictures have been posted”.

However, “amidst the worry of addiction, social media has definitely made young Australians more social,” says O’Neile

 Facebook rehab anyone?