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Jabra’s New Bluetooth Speaker Has A Lot Of Sole


Jabra describe its Solemate speaker as ‘comparable to a 500ml bottle of water,’ and yet has managed to squeeze dual tweeters and an integrated subwoofer into the tight confines. It has a rubber sole—which neatly stores the 3.5mm audio cable when on the go—and a carry strap for convenience.

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“Used indoors or out, the Jabra Solemate is built to travel, so users can enjoy music in places they may normally not like to take their  technology, such as the beach, being around food and drinks or in their gym bag,” said Karen Powell, Jabra’s Regional Sales Manager, Australia and New Zealand, Consumer Division. 

“It also comes with a specially designed, durable sound bag, so in extreme situations like being in the sand on a windy beach, just pop it in the bag and music will still play loud and clear through the unique fabric and your Soelmate won’t get damaged.” 

The Bluetooth speaker can pair up to eight devices simultaneously and can handle phone calls. Alternatively, it features a 3.5mm input and USB port to connect to devices lacking Bluetooth.

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Soled: Bad pun anyone?

Jabra’s all-terrain Solemate will be available in Australia on October 1st from JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Telstra. It’ll have a $199 recommended retail price.