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The Pentagon Is Offline

The Pentagon Is Offline

No personnel at the Pentagon, nor any military downrange and combatant commands, had internet access from around 10 am, according to reports from the Herald Sun.

DISA describes itself on its website as a Combat Support Agency that provides “command and control capabilities” to national level leaders and joint-war fighters “across the full spectrum of operations.”

The agency sent out a memo on Thursday morning that explained “users are experiencing problems browsing the internet due to a DISA-wide outage…ALL Blackberry, email web-browsing, and VPN services are affected.”

Pentagon employees told Fox emails could still be sent via email, despite not being able to browse the internet.

A Pentagon official claimed the outage was not the result of a cyber-attack, saying if it was “we’d all know it and DISA would have done what is called a blanket protocol, shutting down all sorts of access until they isolated the source of the attack.”

A DISA spokesperson confirmed to FOX “there is no indication of an attack.” Internet services are expected to slowly come back online as military technicians tend to the problem, which is affecting up to 20,000 military and civilian Pentagon personnel alone.