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Plantronics, Playstation Preach Headset Perfection

Plantronics, Playstation Preach Headset Perfection

Plantronics has launched a new version of its microphone-enabled RIG branded headset specifically designed for the Sony PS4, PS3 and PS Vita consoles, due for release “in time for the 2014 holiday season”. 

Promising perfect audio optimisation, the news comes after recent stats showing 70pc of Australians play video games, with games consoles used in 63pc of households. 

The move marks Plantronics’ return to the console audio market, with the Company saying its new RIG headset “offers performance audio and a competitive advantage”, which is said to “allow gamers to hear their rivals approaching before they’re seen.” 

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Plantronics has rigged up a sweet sounding audio solution: the Plantronics RIG.

Thanks to the licensing deal, the RIG features the well-known PS logo, and promises “precision stereo, crystal-clear voice and three EQ profiles: Pure, Intensify and Seismic”. 

The headset has an included audio controller so you can “create and control your mix of side-chat, soundtrack or calls layered onto game sound, and the ability to easily switch your mic feed between the game and your mobile device.”

Susan Hansen, Plantronics VP of AP Sales & Marketing said: “With the percentage of gamers on a steady rise across ANZ, this partnership will certainly drive excitement across our target user base. 

“With a reported one million PlayStation 4s units sold before launch, we are certain SCEE and Plantronics are going to meet the demand for a precision headset that offers consumers with exceptional audio quality, an innovative mixer and interchangeable mics for music, chat or gaming on the go.”

Since Ms Hansen’s statement, Sony has reported selling 10 million PS4 units worldwide as reported by Smarthouse earlier today. 

Judy Ward, Sony Computer’s peripherals business manager said: “Whether in the living room or on the go, PlayStation offers immersive gaming experiences, and new, connected ways to enjoy media. 

“With its recognised commitment to innovation, Plantronics was a natural partner as we look for solutions that offer the high-quality audio and clear communication essential to deliver the best PlayStation experience.”

Plantronics’ own Gaming Director Australia/NZ, Peter Petrides, said: “This partnership with SCEE reflects our commitment to the gaming segment and is a huge landmark for the company. 

“The RIG for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita delivers an offering to gamers who are in need of a premium product that delivers best in class mobile, gaming and entertainment features with an uncompromising sound, clear two way chat and supreme comfort.”

The headset is on display at the Playstation booth at the 2014 Gamescom Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany, and will arrive in stores well before the end of the year.