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Its The Software, Stupid: HTC Opens Apps To Rivals

Its The Software, Stupid: HTC Opens Apps To Rivals

Mobile company unveil new software business, HTC Creative Labs. 

Creative Labs will be lead by exec Drew Bamford, and will allow rival manufacturers adopt HTC software including Zoe camera app found on HTC One, BlinkFeed newsfeed among other apps on the hailed Sense user interface. 

The software unit will be based in Seattle and will comprise of 260 staff also in San Francisco and Taipei at HTC HQ. The unit will also be responsible for software development for HTC’s own devices, Bamford told Re/code. 

The move comes as HTC struggles to make traction in its hardware business although sales has improved somewhat on last year. 

A standalone Zoe app will be available on Google Play store this week, which HTC are hoping will appeal as a social sharing app and develop a strong following like Instagram. 

The One maker has big plans for Zoe, which allows users create 30 second video clip based on videos and pictures taken and adds a backing music, with pro designed cuts, transitions and effects. 

Users can also edit other videos and share across social networks, email and mobile. Zoe also produces shorter 3.6 seconds of HD video which comprises of 20 individual photos. The Taiwanese-based mobile company also plan to team up with musicians and sports figures to promote the app.

Creative Labs is also working on other new software, says Bamford. 

The move could also push HTC hardware and help promote the brand which is struggling against larger Android players like Samsung, Sony. 

HTC also held its AGM in Tapiei yesterday.