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Users Could Call Google Assistant By A Customised Name

To activate Google Assistant you have to say “Hey Google” or “Ok, Google” to get a response but now Google is working on a way to customise the assistant’s name.

9to5Google found code where Google is prepping the assistant for custom hot words. With the code, you will see the symbols below, \”%1$s\ which 9to5Google says it refers to a placeholder for either upcoming text or a user-defined phrase. Meaning it will be the custom name you will call the Google Assistant.

Source: 9to5Google


If you do customise your Google Assistant’s name, you can still say ‘Ok/Hey, Google’.

With this, there is no word on when it will be available and when it will be in Australia but with Amazon Alexa launching in Australia today and the HomePod launching Friday next week you’d think Google might want to get a move on to add more fire to the already fierce competition.


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