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Uniden’s 5MP Indoor Pan And Tilt Smart Camera Will Keep Guard

Uniden has released a new indoor smart camera, the Guardian App Cam HOME+, which boasts 2.5K video resolution and three times optical zoom to keep a watch on whatever’s going on in your house.

The Super HD camera is miles better than a 1080p camera, and the pre-motion recording will make sure you don’t miss a thing, recording four seconds before motion is detected.

The 355-degree pan and 50-degree tilt means there won’t be any blind spots, and the App Cam HOME+ plugs into power and connects to dual band WiFI, meaning it won’t conk out during the most important moments.

Footage can be securely accessed from anywhere in the world, via the dedicated Uniden Solo app, which can handle multiple devices throughout the home.

Connect with Google, and Alexa, and add a micro-SD. Seven days of rolling cloud back up will ensure that your home is secure.

Uniden App Cam HOME+ retails in Australia for $149.95.


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