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Fire-Damaged Chip Factory Back To 100% From Next Week

Renesas Electronics, one of the world’s top supplying of semiconductors, has announced it will be back to full product shipment levels from next week, after a fire ravaged the N3 Building of Naka Factory in Japan on March 19.

Manufacturing began on April 17, with production levels reaching 100 per cent of the pre-fire level “as of the evening of June 24.”

The shipment level of the products manufactured in the N3 Building is expected to return to pre-fire level next week, although the company warns that the “recovery timing of the shipment level may vary from product to product.”

Needless to say, after years of semiconductor shortages, this fire was a very unwelcome disaster. Seeing the company back to full operations will be a relief for the many industries that rely on its output.

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