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Uniden Unveils Range Of iGO Dash Cams

Uniden is launching its range of iGO dash cams giving drivers high-quality video recording of incidents on the road and additional driver assist features.

There are six devices in the range the iGO, the iGO 30, 40, 50R, 60, 70R and 80.

Brad Hales national marketing manager at Uniden says these dash cams are providing vehicle owners with up to 4K video recording assists drivers with additional security while driving on the road, or while parked on the street.

Uniden says its dash cam sits neatly on the vehicle’s windscreen without obstructing the driver’s view.

The dash cams have a quick and easy plug-and-play setup. It also has a sticker mount system attaching the dash cam to the windscreen, which is designed for optimal visibility and stability. It also comes with a clip on and off functionality.

The iGo series captures video in full high definition 1080p, 2K (1296P), 2.7K (1524P) through to 4K (2160p). It has lock protection and a wide viewing angle, ranging from 120 -150 degrees.

The driver assist features include a large speedo display, speed/red light camera warning, and an advanced driver assist system, for long distance drivers and commuters. It also has lane departure warning providing a visual and audio alert when the vehicle drifts over lane marking, while headlight low LUX sensor detects low external lighting conditions and alerts the driver to turn on the headlights.

Detailed vehicle data is captured via the GPS geotag functionality and 3 axis G-sensor. This includes the direction of travel, location, vehicle speed and G-Force impact in three dimensions, with important data able to be easily shared with police or insurance companies. Featuring on the iGO Cam 80, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) balances the light on days of high contrast and at night when oncoming or overhead lights are bright, capturing sharper footage with greater clarity.

Footage is stored on an SD card. For high specification models (iGO Cam 70R and iGO Cam 80) Wi-Fi is built-in allowing users to share footage to a smart phone via the Uniden iGO app.

Uniden iGo Cam range prices are below:

  • iGO Cam 30 RRP $99.95
  • iGO Cam 40 RRP $149.95
  • iGO Cam 50R RRP $199.95
  • iGO Cam 60 RRP $199.95
  • iGO Cam 70R RRP $299.95
  • Igo Cam 80 RRP $279.95


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