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Google Previews Android P, Notch Support Included

Google is launching its Android P developer preview where users can see what the upcoming OS will look like with one of the main features being built in support for a notch in the display.

The preview has an updated SDK with system images for both Pixel and Pixel 2 plus their XL devices and the Android Emulator.

Android P has made a move helping users feel more secure around their device by restricting the use of the mic, camera and all SensorManager sensors from idle apps meaning a background app cannot get access to these features when they are not in use.

There is also a small change to the quick settings panel and notification draw with rounded corners.

With notifications from every messaging app they will all include recent lines from conversations if users want to reply inline right inside the notification. There will also be smart reply, images and stickers available in the notification, similar to the iOS reply feature on the lock screen.

There will be a multi-camera API so the Android app is able to request data from more than one camera sensor at a time. At the moment, smartphones have two on the back.

Android is planning the public release during Q3 of 2018.

Read more about it here and take a look at the preview schedule here.


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