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Uniden Unveil 4K Smart Dash Cams With Voice Control

Perfect for your summer road trip, daily commute or ride-share drivers, the new Uniden IGO CAM 90 and IGO 90R deliver all the on-road action with exceptional clarity thanks to the ultra 4K resolution displayed across a 3.16″ wide-angle LCD screen with a 135° viewing angle.

The IGO 90R also features a 150° rear cam to show more of what’s happening around you, while the IGO CAM 90 has voice control so you can activate certain recording features vocally while on the road.

Making these even more practical, there’s an innovative magnetic slide bracket which positions the cams easily, so you can transition them between vehicles, if for instance you hire a car for the holidays or your ride-share car isn’t the one you have for personal use.

They can also be purchased with an extra eye looking inside your car, with an optional modular plug-in internal cabin cam accessory to record passengers, giving taxi and ride-share operators another level of security.

Meanwhile, the Uniden IGO Cam App means you can directly access and transfer footage to your phone through the built-in WiFi so you can easily replay footage or share it if you capture an incident.

Plus, if you add the optional Uniden Hardwire Kit you can activate the Parking Mode feature, which has a sensor to detect any sudden vibration and begin recording for a period, even if the engine isn’t running.

The cameras also provide speed and red-light camera warnings, and sense when the external lighting is low and prompt you to turn on your headlights.

They’re also powered by a supercapacitor so they have a longer lifespan and wider range of operating temperatures than lithium ion batteries, and ensures enough back-up power so any recording in progress is safe when turned off.

Recordings can then be kept on Micro SD or stored in theCloud via the Uniden IGO app.

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