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Sydney Seaplanes Orders 50 Electric Air Taxis

Sydney Seaplanes is looking towards a future where the city’s dreading congestion is a thing of the past.

The company has lodged an order for 50 electric vertical takeoff and landing (EVTOL) taxis with Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions, with the first of the fleet to hit Sydney by 2026.

Sydney Seaplanes CEO Aaron Shaw estimates that a trip from Rose Bay to Palm Beach will cost $150, roughly the price of an Uber that distance.

“The point of electric aircraft is that the operating costs are far lower than for traditional aircraft and the time in an aircraft is far less than in a car,” Shaw told The Australian.

“A trip that might take an hour and 15-minutes in an Uber, might cost the same in an aerial taxi but it would take under 10-minutes.

“Most large cities in the world are looking at EVTOL as a supplement to large scale public transport services.

“Sydney certainly has its congestion problems and we see this type of technology as one way to help alleviate congestion.”

The taxis can seat four passengers and a pilot.