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Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor Links With Alexa

Amazon are set to make it easier to track exactly how healthy the air is inside your home, with a full-featured monitor that will measure indoor allergens and toxins, like dust, volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide.

On top of that, it monitors temperature and humidity, and is fully integrated with Alexa, so when your air quality isn’t up to scratch, you’ll be alerted by the Alexa app or hear an announcement through an Echo device so you know to turn on a fan or open a window.

You’ll also be able to ask any Alexa-enabled device what the air quality is, and receive insights through an Echo Show or the Alexa app. This info will be displayed as a graph so you can easily keep track of your air quality over time with a colour-coded LED.

Often, something as simple as opening a window while cooking can make a huge difference, though using an air purifier may be the answer if you have ongoing issues.

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