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Under Armour’s Fitness Tracker & Smart Scale Stop Tracking Sleep, Steps & Weight

Under Armour has not made any connected health products since 2017, but it appears the company has also halted its software support entirely.

The move is reportedly intended to support its HealthBox collection, which includes a scale, wristband and chest-strap heart rate monitor.

As first reported by Ars Technica, Under Armour has quietly pulled Under Armour Record, its mobile app for tracking fitness and weight changes, from the App Store and Play Store on New Years Eve 2019.

Around a week after the move, the company said existing HealthBox customers would be allowed to keep using their gadgets but only if they migrated data over to MapMyFitness – a platform it acquired in 2013.

The problem lies in the fact that MapMyFitness isn’t an appropriate replacement for Under Armours Record because its unable to track steps, sleep, weight or resting heart rate.

Basically, the new program can’t track any of the fitness features consumers initially purchased the product for in the first place.

The only fitness tracking customers will receive from MapMyFitness are workout statistics and burned calories.

Existing customers who already used Under Armour Record will have until the 31 March before the company kills the app – and all of its health tracking listed above.

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