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Time Poor? Baby Brezza Fixes Formula Woes

Baby Brezza has created an award-winning smart product that may be the saving grace of many time poor parents – the Formula Pro Advanced Baby Formula Dispenser.

The Formula Pro is a product that sports a similar aesthetic to your average coffee machine, except it’s creating warm formulas for your little bundle of joy. It also won the ‘What To Expect’ award from Parents Popsugar.

The patented mixing technology automatically mixes formula and water to ‘perfect’ consistency and texture. It’s also fully customisable – so parents can personalise the temperature and amount of formula.

Additionally, the Formula Pro works with ‘virtually’ all formula brands and bottle types, so prospect consumers won’t have to worry about having to splash extra cash on additional add-ons.

Other features include the easy set-up and straightforward use of digital controls, airtight formula storage, dishwasher safe and its sleek design.

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Baby Formula Dispenser is available for purchase from their official website.

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