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Panasonic Rolls Out Thin And Internet-Ready Plasmas

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According to the company, its ‘strongest-ever VIERA Plasma TV range’ comes with its revolutionary Neo Plasma (NeoPDP) technology which allows for new innovations such as improved energy efficiency, superior image quality, wireless technology and thin profiles.

Newly released models include the flagship Full HD 1-inch ultra-thin, 1080p Wireless Z1 Plasma TV (TH-P54Z1A); and the new large-size 65-inch and 58-inch 2-inch super-thin V10 Series models (TH-P65V10A and TH-P58V10A).

The new 50-inch and 42-inch G15 Series models (TH-P50G15A and TH-P42G15A) are Panasonic’s first Plasma series to feature the exciting VIERA Cast functionality, giving users access to a wide range of on-demand online content via their TV.

Panasonic Australia’s Director, Consumer Electronics Group, Paul Reid said, “Neo Plasma heralds an entirely new era for Plasma panels, taking thin design, performance and picture quality to a new level and confirming its place as the premier choice in big screen TV. Neo Plasma is testament to Panasonic’s commitment to the relentless pursuit of Plasma innovation and excellence, ensuring the consumer enjoys state-of-the-art entertainment.”

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Panasonic V10 Series

Z1 Premium Full HD Neo Plasma Series

The flagship, 1-inch ultra-thin Z1 is incorporates a NeoPDP Full HD Plasma panel and 1080p Wireless HDMI. It also offers a brighter picture with deeper blacks and an improved dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000+:1 housed in a one-inch ultra-thin unit.

WirelessHD technology transmits Full HD 1080p video signals, audio and control signals wirelessly. It can transmit uncompressed Full HD content wirelessly with no deterioration in quality.  The picture on the screen goes undisturbed even if the Wireless communication path is interrupted by someone walking past. This is achieved by incorporating beam steering technology. 

The VIERA Z1 NeoPDP features 1080p resolution; the prestigious THX Certification; 600Hz Sub-field Drive for razor-sharp fast-moving Full HD action; and VIERA Link, a technology that allows the user to operate all of their compatible home entertainment components with a single remote.

V10 Premium Full HD Neo Plasma Series

The VIERA V10 Plasma Series is a super thin 2-inch Plasma Full HD TV with cutting edge innovations such as 600Hz Sub-field Drive, 2,000,000+:1 dynamic contrast ratio, Digital Cinema Colour and THX Display certification. The V10 Series features a stylish one sheet of glass design. In addition to a 50-inch model launched earlier in 2009, the stunning V10 series is now available in 58-inch and 65-inch large screen sizes.

G15 Full HD Neo Plasma Series

The VIERA G15 Plasma Series is a brand new series in the VIERA family and debuts Panasonic’s exciting IPTV capability – VIERA CAST. VIERA CAST provides consumers with user-friendly internet enabled technology to access popular entertainment sites, YouTube, Google’s Picasa Web Albums, Bloomberg Weather, simply using their home broadband connection and their TV remote.

The new G15 1080p Full HD Plasma TV series delivers impressive image quality, incorporating 600Hz Sub Field Drive and 2,000,000+:1 dynamic contrast ratio for outstanding fast-moving images and improved brightness. As with all 2009 VIERA models it includes intelligent connectivity features such as VIERA Image Viewer and enhanced VIERA Link for improved convenience and ease of use.  It will be available in 50-inch and 42-inch screen sizes.

TH-P54Z1A: $7699 (Available Now)
TH-P65V10A: TBC (November)
TH-P58V10A: TBC (Late October)
TH-P50G15A: $3,299 (Late October)
TH-P42G15A: $2,499 (Late October)