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Transparent Lenovo Laptop Leaked

A leak has revealed an upcoming Lenovo laptop, which features a transparent display.

Transparent displays go back to 2010, with Samsung unveiling the concept at CES 2010. Now, over a decade later, Samsung and LG have had another go at transparent displays, this time with miniLED and OLED TVs.

The leak reveals the screen has a bezel-free design, and speculates Lenovo shoved the internal display components in and around the chin of the laptop.

It remains unclear what the device’s size, battery life, or performance is like, however, the leak suggests it will run Windows 11.

Considering the ThinkPad, it’s suggested the company are planning this to be a work-related device. The transparency could also be incorporated into augmented reality work applications.

The leak claims the laptop could be unveiled at MWC 2024, which will start on February 24th, but this would just be a concept at the time.

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