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Top End Hitachi Refrigerators Take Off At Harvey Norman, Especially White Glass Models

Hitachi whose range of premium Japanese designed, and manufactured refrigerators are proving popular in Australia are now being ranged nationally in Australia by Harvey Norman.

According to Hitachi Marketing Manager Consumer Products at Hitachi the range is proving “Very popular” because consumers today want “better management of food” with Hitachi refrigerators seen as among the best in the world for preserving and managing food.

According to Beard, consumers in Australia are also turning back to white refrigerators with glass facias.

“Consumers can write on a glass fridge and unlike metal or aluminium they don’t dent when knocked and look stylish.” he said.

One new model introduced at Harvey Norman is a Hitachi 638L 4 door French door fridge in glass matte white.

This model has a dedicated vacuum compartment, which delivers a sealed, pressure-resistant environment for storing perishable goods. A built-in vacuum pump takes out air and oxygen to achieve pressure levels of 0.8atm and enhance moisture retention level.

Other models in the Hitachi range have a new soft freeze function that freezes food at -3 degrees.

According to Beard this allows a user to take it out of the freezer and start cutting up meats or fish immediately.

“It keeps meat soft allowing consumers to store produce for a few days without deep freezing them. Meat can be instantly thrown into a wok or pan for cooking” he said.

The new range is now available at Harvey Norman stores in Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and at key regional stores.

According to Harvey Norman management Australian consumers are moving away from Chinese branded or “even Chinese made” appliances.

“Their preference in the premium appliance market is for Japanese, South Korean or European appliances” Harvey Norman management said.

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