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Telstra Not To Blame For Olympics Streaming Issues

Telstra may have had its share of network problems this year, but blame for the streaming issues experienced by Channel Seven’s Olympics on 7 app lies elsewhere.

Seven copped a backlash via social media over the weekend, with viewers airing their grievances following problems with the app.

“We are aware of issues w/ the app on both iOS and Android devices,” Seven had stated via Twitter in response to viewers. “Tech team is working to resolve. Thx for your patience.”

Telstra, which is offering mobile customers free premium access to the app, was also caught up in the backlash.

“If you’re having trouble viewing or accessing the ‘Olympics on 7’ app we’re very sorry,” the telco had advised via Twitter. “We’re working with Channel Seven to fix.”

As reported by Fairfax Media, Seven has stated that the app is fine, stating that 13 countries are affected by the issue, originating with the Olympic broadcast server in Rio.

Fairfax reported a Telstra spokesman as stating that Telstra is taking the same feed as everyone else, while making the service free for its mobile customers.

Viewers are still taking to Seven’s 7Olympics Facebook page to complain about the app.

“Due to unprecedented demand, you may be experiencing problems streaming within the ‘Olympics on 7’ app,” Seven stated via the page yesterday.

“This is a global issue and our streaming service providers are doing everything they can to resolve the situation as quickly as possible to meet this massive audience demand. We also recommend you go to the App store to download the latest version.”

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