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Telstra In New Bid To Abandon $270m/Year NBN Voice Contract

MELBOURNE: It’s not like Telstra to give away easy government money,  but that seems to be just what it’s about as it seeks to relinquish a 20-year contract to supply voice services to NBN’s fixed wireless network.

Telstra has banked $270 million a year for the past 20 years to handle the universal service obligation task, which involves supplying copper phone lines to fixed wireless users and behave as something called an infrastructure of last resort (IPOLR). 

The No 1 telco says its IPOLR role for voice beyond NBN’s fixed-line footprint is at odds with the Government’s statutory infrastructure provider (SIP) legislation and should be ended.

In a speech in April last year, Telstra CEO Andy Penn said cost of the contract has been increasing and he’d be happy to pass it over to anyone who’s interested.  

“If any of my competitor colleagues would like to take over the contract, please do see me after the event. I would be more than happy to pass the contract over to you on exactly the same terms we have it,” he said at the time.


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