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Telstra Flick The Switch On Google

Telstra has silently flicked the switched on Google’s Rich Communication Service (RCS) in Australia for Android handsets, following its US rollout.

Much like Apple’s iMessage service, RCS allows for much large data transfers between devices, using an over the top communication protocol.

It should be noted, however, that iMessage is not compatible with RCS, with Apple keeping the service exclusive for iPhone users only.

Visual voicemail and voicemail messages are also enabled through RCS.

To be eligible for RCS, users must have an active Telstra mobile on a plan or pre-paid mobile service, plus a compatible device purchased through the telco.

Wireless broadband and other data plans are not eligible.

Telstra customers with eligible Android devices will now notice ‘enhanced messaging capability whenever you are communicating with another Telstra Messaging enabled devices’.

Samsung users, for example, will see RCS messages change colour when sent to a Telstra Messaging enabled device.

Through Google’s Messages service, you can register for ‘Chat Features’ in Australia which will unlock RCS for your device.