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Telstra CEO Warns Of Cyber Crime Rise Around War

Telstra CEO Andy Penn is currently in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress, and while it is full of talk about the war in Ukraine, he has been talking about the war that isn’t visible next to the horrors we’re seeing in news reports.

“As distressing as the physical war is, it is very distressing to see, I’m sure people will appreciate that’s only part of the story,” he says.

“Cyber has become increasingly a tool for nation states to gain strategic advantage and you can imagine that’s exactly what’s occurring at the moment.”

While cybersecurity crime here and around the world has been on a constant rise, Penn says the current conflict in Ukraine is a reminder cyber warfare might target an organisation, with the hope of exposing application vulnerabilities that could allow for broader attacks.

“It is very important that people take on a heightened level of cyber defence and cyber awareness right now, as I know many organisations in Australia, including ourselves, absolutely are.”

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