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Foxtel, Microsoft, Sky TV, Remove Russia Today

State-owned propaganda television station Russia Today has been stripped from the air in many countries, including Australia.

Foxtel pulled the station on the weekend, joining Germany, who blocked sister channel RTDE, Poland, who blocked five Russian channels, Sky TV in New Zealand, and the UK, whose media regulator Ofcom launched 15 separate investigations into its news coverage. It is likely the station will lose its broadcasting licence there.

Microsoft have taken RT’s mobile apps from the Windows App store and banned advertisementing on all Russian state-sponsored media. It will also derank its search results on Bing.

Google has banned RT’s mobile app in Ukraine, disabled certain map tools, and barred RT from monetising its YouTube channel.

Facebook is also barring the station from running ads or monetising its content.

Russia Today’s deputy editor-in-chief Anna Belkina told viewers of the station that this amounts to self-serving censorship.

“RT journalists tirelessly work to bring valuable facts and views to an audience of millions around the world, but when an organisation of government either called for or have RT taken off the air, it simply highlights the policy of media freedoms in the nations that they represent,” she said.

“Just look at the Association of European Journalists, who on the one hand so fascistly declare themselves as defenders of journalistic rights, yet so readily turn their back on this very founding principle to support the suppression of news and journalists under political pressure.

“If ever there were a time to recognise the importance of all fact-gathering news and understanding of all viewers, it is now.”

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