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Telstra: Another 204 Jobs To Go

Telstra: Another 204 Jobs To Go

Telstra says it is considering cutting another 204 jobs in its global finance services business. The cuts could be in business intelligence and analytics services, operational billing, credit or accounting services.

A spokesperson yesterday said: “We constantly review the way we work to simplify our business and remove duplication. These proposed changes would consolidate some work because we are standardising our reporting and processes.”

The Communications Workers Union (CWU) has claimed that, of the 204 jobs, 139 will be offshored. According to Telstra’s spokesperson, the telco is looking at increasing the volume of work carried out by local and international partners.

Said the spokesperson: “This is not a move we take lightly, and we will consult and work closely with our people on this. We take our responsibility to support employees through this period very seriously.”

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