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Telstra 5G Speed Test Crashes, But It’s Not Down To Fast Speeds

As new owners of Telstra 5G smartphones hunt down super-fast 5G speeds for their expensive new smartphones the Telstra Speed Test service has suddenly been disabled.

Available last week in Sydney as we hunted but failed to find speeds over 400Mbps the service is suddenly delivering a message that says Oops! There seems to be a problem with this page.

New owners have been using the service to hunt down speeds even standing metres away from towers.

On Saturday, we spoke to three owners of new 5G smartphones who had turned up to test their device next to a tower as we also looked for the high speeds that Telstra have promised.

None of these owners had been able to get over 400Mbps.

The big question now is how the Telstra network will go when they actually get customers on the network.

Currently LG are selling between 30-40 of their new 5G V50 handsets a day and that’s without them being on display at Telstra stores that we visited.

Samsung is believed to be selling over 200 units a day for their Samsung S10 5G device.

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