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‘Tablets For Seniors’ Key To Keeping Minds Active

Tablets specially designed for seniors could alleviate loneliness and help to keep minds active in old age.

As many seniors live away from their families, depression and social isolation are widespread problems in aged care facilities, something would only be exacerbated by the current COVID-19 restrictions on visits.

Tablets for seniors can make it easy and convenient for the elderly to make video calls to their loved ones. As they have larger screens than smartphones, tablet devices also make viewing these calls easier.

The bigger screens allow for a clearer picture in other tablet uses as well, such as playing games and puzzles, and reading articles.

Some smart senior tablets have navigation tools to assist seniors in using the device, such as built-in speak-to-text software, eliminating the need for typing.

If you’re looking to purchase a tablet for a senior citizen, it’s best to choose a model that has multiple accessibility features.  For instance, you would want a tablet where you can enlarge the font and the icons.

Birdsong has a couple of tablet models that are designed specifically for seniors: the 10-inch handheld tablet and the 15-inch stationary table-top tablet. Both models offer a very easy-to-use interface and come pre-loaded a large selection of engaging and entertaining content.

GrandPad, also made for seniors, removes functionality that would not be relevant to this age group, making it easier to use. GrandPad tablets facilitate calls (without the need of Wi-Fi), Internet browsing, music, help (users can easily connect with a specialist), over 15 stimulating games developed for seniors, photos, email, and ordering transportation, among a number of other functions.

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