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Sanyo Projector Brightens Up Venues

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According to Sanyo, the PDG-DHT100L has a brightness of 6,500 lumens and is compatible with a Full HD (1920 X 1080) signal. It is also outfitted with two 330-watt HP bulbs and a twin colour wheel system.

Vice President and General Manager for Sanyo’s Presentation Technologies Division, Mark Holt said, “The two-lamp PDG-DHT100L is perfect for brightly lit rooms wanting the best in graphics, video or both together. It’s also maintenance free with our latest optical engine, 24/7 lamp interval function and exclusive AMF system that controls dust automatically. Plus the picture-by-picture and picture-in-picture capability makes this the perfect projector for any size venue.”

The PDG-DHT100L has a twin colour wheel system that claims to offer increased colour reproduction and light output efficiency, and comes with two different user-changeable colour wheels that are optimized for either high brightness or rich colour reproduction.

The projector is also equipped with a new, dust-resistant sealed optical engine and a 25,000 hour-use Active Maintenance Filter. The sealed optical engine prevents dust build-up, while maintaining optimal brightness and contrast. The AMF system automatically detects airflow and advances clean filter material as needed. The integration of the new optical engine and the AMF system prevents dust from entering the lamp area and allows enough airflow to keep the projector cool at all times.

The lamp interval function can be used to automatically switch the lamp that is turned on to an alternate lamp after a certain period of time in order to reduce the initial lamp deterioration. The PDG-DHT100L also offers an edge blending function that allows for boundary-less images with multi-image display possibilities.

The projector is compatible with SANYO’s Uncompressed HD Data Wireless Transmission System, which can project high definition (1080i or 720p) images over long distances without wires. This optional upgrade allows pure uncompressed data transmissions without sync delays between video and sound. Furthermore, the advanced lens function with power vertical/horizontal lens shift plus a 360-degree vertical tilt, allows the projector to be positioned almost anywhere, including the ceiling or the floor.

The PDG-DHT100L will ship in March ’09 and will have an RRP of US $21,995 (lens sold separately). Australian pricing to be announced at a later date.