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Surface Pro 8 Patent Suggest Solar Powered Cover, Trouble For Portable Battery Sellers

In a saturated smartphone, tablet and computing market, consumers are spoilt for choice when deciding on their next device.

As such, standing out from competitors by sporting sleek designs or integrating impressive features is becoming more difficult for tech giants.

But Microsoft might be on the money with their latest development – tapping into the most common anxiety for digital consumers – battery life.

As reported by Windows Latest, Microsoft patents reveal plans to make the Surface Pro 8 a Type Cover with built-in solar panels.

Microsoft filed the patent with USPTO for the Type Cover with integrated solar panels in the second half of 2018, but it’s only come to light just last week after it was published to a public platform.

The filling reveals what looks like a Surface Pro slotted into a ‘Mobile device cover with integrated solar panel,’ according to Windows Latest.

(Photo: AAP)

There are four panels on the back of the Surface Pro that capture light to power the device, which Microsoft stating that any artificial sources of light would also be sufficient, meaning it would work both indoors and outdoors.

In addition, the cover could also charge the device will it is in use, making it the ultimate self-charging tool on the market.

The patent also states that more than four solar panels can be integrated into the cover, coming in any variety ‘including monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels, thin-film amorphous silicon solar panels and/or concentrated PV cell solar panels.’

(AP Photo Nick Ut)

If the patents are correct and the solar-powered case is released into the market, it would mean consumers would no longer have to purchase and lug around a portable battery pack, instead just relying on natural sunlight.

It may also have negative sales repercussions for manufacturers of portable batteries such as Cygnett, Mophie, Belkin, Sony and Samsung – impacting how much stock retailers such as JBHIFI or Harvey Normal purchase for sale.

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