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Superdooper Idea? Superloop To Tackle NBN With Superbb

BRISBANE –The Superloop outfit originated by Bevan Slattery, pictured, is spinning off some new babies. It plans to rebrand its Big Air telco and managed services provider as Superbb – as it happens, also the name of a top-selling US brand of feminine beauty products – as it looks to make a major breakthrough into Australia’s consumer broadband market.

This has been Superloop’s first real move into the consumer as well as professionals scene  – and comes as part of a major shakeup announced at this week’s annual general meeting in Brisbane.

Executives said Superbb will look to exploit the demand for high-speed broadband, which they claim NBN Co is currently not meeting. It will incorporate two businesses that Superloop acquired earlier this year: SA-based residential wireless provider NuSkope, and managed connectivity provider GX2 Holdings.

Shareholders were told that GX2 and Nuskope provide immediate access to key people and software platforms, which would have been difficult to develop in-house.

Executives said the new brand is aimed at “delivering Australia’s best broadband experience” via fixed-wireless access and will be “getting serious about the NBN”

According to a presentation at the AGM, Superbb will be able to compete with the “big four” – Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Vocus – for corporate and enterprise business. It also plans to grow its wholesale business across Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Superbb will also launch a cyber-security practice, executives said

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