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Study Reveals Kids Addicted To Screens Will Be A Couch Potato By Five

Toddlers who are addicted to screens at just age three are set to become couch potatoes by the age of five, a study reveals.

They are also move for 40 minutes less every day by the time they begin primary school in comparison to those who had less exposure to screen time earlier in life.

Researchers said the reduced physical activity may also contribute to weight gain and poor health issues. They recommended parents to follow World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines to limit young kid’s access to screen time to one hour per day.

Dr. Falk Muller-Riemenschneider, who led the study, said that ‘Reducing screen time in early childhood might promote healthier behaviours and associated outcomes later in life,’ according to the New York Post.

The findings come from a National University of Singapore study, that included 552 children. Their parents were also quizzed on how long they spent on screens, aged two and three.

At the age of five, the children wore activity trackers full-time for the duration of a week to monitor activity levels, rest and sleep.

Only one in five kids met the WHO guideline limit.

The children who had used a screen for three hours or more did 30 minutes less light activity, such as walking for example, and ten minutes less moderate to vigorous activity, including running, on a daily basis.

The research results led researcher Bozhi Chen to support calls to limit young children’s access to screen time.

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