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Struggling Bluesound Set To Release Expensive Remote

Bluesound who are struggling in Australia to get traction up against new 24-bit speakers from the likes of Denon Heos, Bowers & Wilkins and German Company Canton has announced a remote new control, but you have to pay for it separately and it is expensive.

Sydney based distributor Convoy who at this stage still distribute the Bluesound product range recently has taken recently to discounting out their speakers as the market for voice activated 24bit speakers becomes highly competitive and as new entrants get set to enter the market.

Early in the new year Harman will release a new range of 24-bit Citation network speakers and a new soundbar, also set to release a new 24bit soundbar is Bowers and Wilkins.

In Australia Convoy has struggled to get traction with several retailers telling ChannelNews that they are discounting out the Bluesound Pulse just to shift floor stock.

The new Bluesound RC1 remote will work with the Bluesound Node 2 and Node 2i line of products as well as the NAD Masters M10 BluOS streaming amplifier but instead of including it with the product customers are going to have to fork out close to $100 for the controller. Australian

The Company said that the RC1 will be available as an optional accessory and will furnish users of Gen 2 and Gen 2i products access to the most commonly used playback controls like track forward and backward, volume up and down, play and pause, as well as up to 10 custom, pre-sets for favourite internet stations, playlists or streaming services.

Most remotes cost under $50. The all new Foxtel remote is selling for $19.95 on Amazon, this is a Bluetooth remote that can be tuned with a TV.

Bluesound claims that unlike other IR remote controls that require programming and set-up, the RC1 works straight out of the box unless users want to assign functions to the two programmable buttons on the device.

The new Bluesound’s RC1 remote will be available in a matte black from the start of December.

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