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Streaming Service YouTube Premium Available In Oz

YouTube’s new music and content streaming service, YouTube Premium is now available in Australia.

Announced mid-May, the streaming site was originally branded as YouTube Red allowing users to gain access to the site’s Original series and movies plus the new YouTube Music app.

YouTube Music is the sites new ‘all-encompassing’ streaming service with both a new app and re-branded interface for desktop. Not only does YouTube Music have the usual traditional songs and albums but features live performances, music from unsigned artists, remixes and covers.

Remixes and covers are rarely seen on other streaming services like Spotify, especially from smaller artists so it seems YouTube is trying to get a leg up in that category.

The new service focuses on music discovery with the homepage constantly giving users new tracks, artists and albums to listen to depending on the listening history. It also comes with AI search so it can understand and give users the right results, a feature not seen in Spotify or Apple Music.

The service removes all ads with users able to download videos onto devices plus videos can be played even when the app is not on a device’s screen or the device is locked.

It also includes, YouTube Kids, YouTube Gaming and Google Play Music is also available with no additional cost.

The new YouTube Music will eventually replace Google Play Music, which is the company’s current streaming offering.

Last month, a soft roll-out began but now the service is in full swing.

Users can try it free for three months with YouTube Music charging $14.99 a month after or $29.99 a month for a family package.

Look at the new steaming service here.

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