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Forget Amazon Prime, Kogan Offers Free Shipping

Being small and nimble appears to be paying off for Kogan, with the Melbourne-based entrepreneur responding quickly this morning to Amazon Prime’s half baked subscription offer by offering free shipping on Kogan goods.

Under pressure from Amazon, Kogan is well positioned to take Amazon on with several Amazon Marketplace participants already cutting deals with the local online trader.

The free shipping on “almost anything” is splashed front and centre on the Kogan website.

He is also offering heavy discounts on LED TVs, smartphones, laptops and monitors.

ChannelNews understands that Kogan management, who last week offloaded $42 million in shares are now looking at entering the discount gaming market, which appears to not be serviced by Amazon.

According to analysts, heavy marketing by Amazon could be advantageous for Kogan, with the smaller retailer swept up in a move by Australian consumers to shop online, driven by the Amazon marketing machine which is being run by Arno Lenoir the former Marketing Director at both Apple and Samsung.

Kogan has not commented on the structure of his free shipping offer or how many days it will take for goods to arrive.

In some cases Amazon is charging $19.95 on two-day delivery to certain locations in Australia.

With their Prime offer they’re offering free shipping, but only on selected goods, which the majority not from Amazon’s Marketplace participants.

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