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StormAudio Announces New Products, Upgrades, And 5-Year Warranties

StormAudio has extended its product warranty for the entire MK2 line-up to five years, a move they say “makes a strong statement of confidence in the longevity of their products and of commitment to their customers.”

StormAudio’s MK2 products feature DSP-based processors, which boast increased computer power, a higher channel count, EQ features, immersive formats including DTS:X Pro and IMAX Enhanced.

This move comes as the company unveils information on a range of key new products, and feature updates.

Storm has created full compatibility with the AES67 / Ravenna protocol on 32 inputs and 32 outputs in new models: the ISP.32 Digital AoIP and the AoIP Upgrade module, which will both arrive before the end of the year. The company is also developing a HDMI card that is full compatible with the HDMI 2.1 / HDCP 2.3 protocol, which it will offer as an update to all MK1 and MK2 owners before the end of 2021.

StormXT is a proprietary engine that works with existing upmix algorithms to “extract relevant audio signals from nearby speakers and redirect them to silent speakers”, during the use of an immersive format, to avoid those frustratingly underused speakers in such a set up. This will be available to customers as a free upgrade.

Storm is also working on ‘Channel Remapping’ which works within the physical constraints of a room to make for a more immersive audio experience, when the speakers might not be positioned in the ideal location. This will also be available as a free software upgrade on the ISP platform.

StormAudio is distributed in Australia by Cogworks.


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