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Star Wars Smartband Can Now Control Your Home

Sphero’s Force Band, originally released as a controller for their remote control BB-8 droid, now boasts IFTTT (If This Then That) support.

Sphero teamed up with the popular smart home applet developer to add the feature to the Force Band, allowing the device to now connect with smart devices beyond just the BB-8 drone it shipped alongside at launch.

“Expand your Jedi powers to the world around you. Control connected objects by using the Force Band and IFTTT. The possibilities of the Force are endless,” the company said in a post on the IFTTT website.

Users can use now “the force” with countless apps and smart home devices – from turning on the coffee machine with a gesture to turning on the lights with a wave of your hand.

While this update, undoubtedly timed with the release of the new Star Wars film Rogue One, is unlikely to prove the watershed moment for smart home integration. It does add some additional value to those who already own a Force Band and make the $139 gadget a more appealing Christmas gift for those who don’t.

The video below released by Sphero showcases both the light-fun and serious-utility of the updated Force Band.