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Huawei Sheds More Light On 5G

Huawei Sheds More Light On 5G

China’s Huawei has outlined its “road to 5G” strategy as the telecommunications industry gears up for the next generation of mobile broadband.

Speaking at the company’s annual Global Mobile Broadband Forum in Tokyo, Ryan Ding, president of products and solutions, said Huawei wants to be able to deliver 5G with “one click” on the first day of its commercial launch, which is broadly expected to be in 2020.

“Two-G, 3G and 4G are mainly human-centric, but from 5G it’s human and ‘things’ centric,” Ding said.

“What will become more and more important is ‘things’. The ‘things’ experience is totally different to human beings. After several years hard working, we believe we can evaluate or manage the things’ experience in five dimensions – availability, bandwidth, coverage, delay sensitivity and energy saving.”

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