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Spotify Testing Lacklustre Lite Version

Spotify is testing a lite version of its app with reports saying many of its major features – like offline playback – are nowhere to be seen.

According to Android Police, the new lite version is 15MB in size but with many crucial features missing like offline playback, wireless streaming service Spotify Connect and extreme quality playback.

Premium subscribers are unable to select a specific song within an artists’s profile and a playlist. Basically all of the benefits of a Premium subscription are axed in the lite version.

Spotify describes its Lite app as small so users will ‘save space on your phone and save data when using it on the go’.

Some of the features include, using less data, fast installation, ability to keep track of storage and data and works in ‘all network conditions’.


It is in its early days so these key features could be added to the app before the official launch date.

The app can be seen on the Google Play store in a beta mode but is unable to be downloaded for Aussie users. Nothing is being showed on the App Store.

Testing is currently underway in Brazil. No word on when the app will be available globally.

Social media app Instagram is set to also launch a lite app featuring the usual feed, explore tab and watch stories but will not have the ability to upload videos and direct message users.


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