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Instagram Set To Launch Lite Version

Instagram will be releasing a lite version of its app, with it taking 55 times less memory than the standard app.

The lite version will also use less data and start quicker than the original app. The new app will take up 573Kb of data.

The app will have a feed, the ability to post photos, watch stories and go into the explore page. What it won’t have is direct messages and video uploads but will eventually be included.

This is a move to help the social media company to expand its membership by an extra billion users through aiming at countries who have poor network coverage or older phones with less storage space.

Facebook, who owns Instagram also has a lite app which has core features like News Feed, status updates, photos and notifications. It uses less data and takes less than 1MB to install.

It is currently being tested in Mexico and was quietly launched on the Google Play store overnight.

No word when it will be released in Australia but a spokesperson for Instagram says sometime later in the year.

This week alone Instagram has introduced video chat and a new explore. Last week, the company launched IGTV, its original content app going head-to-head with YouTube.

Earlier this week the Facebook-owned entity was valued to be worth more than US$100bn if it was a stand-alone company.

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