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Spotify & Hulu Join Forces For $5 Student Bundle

In a bid to attract students and the younger demographic Spotify and Hulu have joined forces, slashing the price of their respective services to offer a combined $4.99/per month student discount bundle.

By coming together, students can enjoy on-demand streaming of both music and videos, via Hulu and Spotify’s diversified library.

Tim Connolly, Hulu’s Head of Distribution and Partnerships, states of the partnership:

“By bundling our enormous catalogs of content together in a single, highly compelling offer, we’re making it easier for people to enjoy all of the TV and music they love, whenever and wherever they want”.

Whilst the offer is not currently available to Australian students – US only – the partnership does signal what could be the future of entertainment, wherein bundled services are provided at a discount with cross-company offerings.

Many analysts believe that as the number of niche entertainment offerings continue to expand, many companies will eventually bundle their services together, similar to a pay-TV package. Amazon Prime has already attempted this via Prime shipping which includes subscriptions to music and video content, and another program named Channels.

Research states that because of their limited disposable income, students and the younger demographic are among the most difficult customers to attain for paid media services. Spotify and Hulu’s discount offering is definitely a strategy to tap into this market niche.

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