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Kayell Snare Sekonic Light Meters & PocketWizard Remote Triggers

Kayell Australia has been appointed the exclusive Australian distributor for Sekonic light meters and PocketWizard remote triggers. The company has specialised in professional imaging solutions for over 45 years.

Robert Gatto, Kayell Australia’s Managing Director, states the distribution deal aligns with its retail business model which features a suite of premium lighting and lighting accessories.

“With Kayell’s commitment to all things lighting related, the new agreement with Sekonic® and PocketWizard® is an ideal synergy. “PocketWizard® and Sekonic® are internationally renowned premium brands. Kayell is delighted to now be able to provide retailers with this additional product range”.

PocketWizard remote triggers are claimed to be industry leaders in the wireless control and sychronisation of cameras, flash lighting, and light meters. Requiring an electronic transmitter connected to a camera, the PocketWizard is a wireless radio triggering system for off-camera lighting. It is usually mounted on a camera’s hot shoe, triggering a remote receiver which is connected to a remote flash unit via a PC cord.

Sekonic Light Meters utilise advanced exposure systems which carefully pair up various input and output variables to gauge light on subjects or objects. Sekonic manufactures tools including light meters, colour meters and illuminometers, used to measure and control in-camera light. The light meters are designed to make it easy to measure flash and ambient light levels, ultimately achieving the perfect level of exposure.

Many flash manufacturers utilise PocketWizard’s technology into their own products.

Sekonic® and PocketWizard® products are now available in-store or online from Kayell Australia.