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Sony Releases New Mocopi System

Sony have unveiled the new mocopi system that showcases all motion-capture hardware needed by a VR content creator in six simple, wearable sensors, compatible with both iOS and Android, to which users can save the full-body avatars.

It is also compatible with Unity and Engine and was developed as a VR equivalent of ZV-series cameras for vloggers.

Without the requirement for the purchasing of full body gear to produce the full scale avatars, with extra gear including a skin suit and high speed cameras.

With only six sensor modues, with straps, clips and other accessories, users can move their head, wrist, hip, ankle, all with ease. Each sensor has been IPX5/IPX8/IP6X rated protecting them from water and elements, lasting up to 10 hours with a rechargeable battery that uses USB-C.

All sensor come with Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and feeds data through the BVH format at up to 50fps. It can construct FHD 3D footage in MPEG-4 AVC or H.264 @ 30fps. Users can use this to create full body avatar clips with the mocopi app on Sony Experia smartphones or the most recent iPhones.

The data can also be imported to Unreal Engine, Unity or MotionBuilder through the mocopi SDK.

They are currently exclusively available for pre-order from Sony, with no indications of an exact release date.

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