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Instagram’s Twitter Rival Expected To Launch This Week

The highly anticipated rival for Twitter from Instagram is expected to launch on Thursday, named ‘Threads’ and will function fairly similar to Twitter, including text-based posts that will be able to be liked, commented on, and shared.

Users will get the chance to follow accounts they follow on Instagram, and keep the same user name.

The launch comes in an attempt to take advantage of Twitter’s issues since the takeover by Elon Musk last years, issues that have angered users and convinced many of them to switch to alternative platforms. Twitter is also loosening content moderation policies, and now requires a monthly subscription fee to be labeled as an authentic account. It has also recently started limiting the amount of posts able to viewed per day.

Mastodon and Blesky are the current rivals for Twitter, and have yet to build their networks. Instagram have been trying to create a buzz for the upcoming ‘Threads’ through celebrities and influencers.

The app can be “pre-ordered,” is “expected” to launch on Thursday, and was described as “where communities come together to discuss everything from the topics you care about today, to what’ll be trending tomorrow.”

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