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Sonos Working On Wireless Wi-Fi Headphones

Sonos has issued a patent for a set of wireless headphones that will work over Wi-Fi, which would be a world-first feat and a gamechanger for the German company.

Sonos is yet to enter the wireless headphones/earbuds game at all, so to launch with a completely new technology would make this a banner product.

The difficulty, as the patent describes, is that Wi-Fi requires two antennas, whereas Bluetooth only requires one. Unfortunately, the human head is great at blocking out Wi-Fi signals, hence the need for an antenna in both ears. The cable to connect the Wi-Fi antennas, plus the audio signal, will need to be twice as thick and will be liable to bends and interference in the headband.

“A cable assembly containing each of the required conductors for the improved wireless headphones discussed in the examples described herein may be greater than 4 mm in diameter. This is almost twice the diameter of a typical headband cable in a Bluetooth-only headphone,” the patent read.

Butt with Sonos’ entire audio ecosystem using Wi-Fi, if they could nail down this technology, it would mean lossless audio in a wireless headset – something Bluetooth cannot handle.

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