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Indi Brings M&K Sounds V+ Subwoofers To Aus Market

Indi Imports has unleashed three compact yet massive-sounding subwoofers onto the Australian market: M&K Sounds V15+, V12+ and V10+ models, with single 15-inch, 12-inch and 10-inch drivers, respectively.

The 15-inch model can fill rooms of 3,000 square feet, providing incredible bang for buck and allowing home audiophiles a system comparable to those used in mid-level venues.

The V10+ and V12+ have both had their deep bass frequency response extended, from 25Hz (on former models) down to 20Hz (-6dB).

“With ever more demand for reference bass performance in living rooms and small home cinemas, we believed it was time to overhaul our hugely successful V Series subwoofers to develop the new V+ Series for a wider, décor-conscious, and discerning audience,” explains Per Becher, CEO of M&K Sound.

“Shortly after the Dominus THX Certification for large cinema applications, M&K take the bold move and for the 1st time produce a single 15” powered subwoofer which again takes out the THX certification,” Paul Riachi, Managing Director said.

“THX Lucasfilm, the creators of Star Wars and Indiana Jones whom also provide re-mastering and sound production to the very highest level, use M&K products, so when the best in the industry use such brand, then why would you consider anything else?”

It’s a great question. Why would you?

All three models in the V+ series are available in Black Satin, with V10+ and V12+ also in White Satin.

The 12+ and 15+ won’t be available until April ($2,999 and $3,499) but the 10+ ($2,499) is out now.

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