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Smart Bulbs Driving SmartHouse Growth Claims Laser Corporation As Dogs Chew Up Pet Tech

The value end of the smarthouse market is growing and of all the products that are in big demand, it’s lights that can be turned on and off remotely that are in big demand along with a new generation of control products.

According to Laser Corporation they are shipping tens of thousands of intelligent light bulbs to Harvey Norman where their Connected Smart Home product range is proving popular along with LED light strips and party lights.

According to Laser Corporation who sell value goods spanning cables and accessories, sound gear and clock radio’s to keyboards and battery packs the market for smarthouse products can be “finicky” with the Company admitting that they’ve had their “fair share” of failures including pet tech products that were eaten by “big Australian dogs”.

According to CEO Chris Lau his Company is 34 years old and is seen as the McDonalds of the industry because they deliver the latest in value products for retailers.

The smarthouse products that Laser are selling range from $10 lightbulbs to $149 smart locks.

At Laser, the Company warranty policy is based on replacement of a product which proved costly when they first bought in their smart locks.

Because the original smart lock was not a standard fitting replacing them became a problem especially as the removal left a big hole in the door with the Sydney based distributor suddenly up for not only the replacement of a smart lock but an entire door.

The latest model is a standard fitting.

As for Pet Tech products Laser quickly discovered that Australian pets in particular dogs were “bigger and more aggressive” than their Asian counterparts that a lot of tech pet products were designed for.

The discovery was made when one of their arch rivals tried to sell cheap Pet Care products designed for small Asian dogs.

Chris Lau left seen giving away a mini after a promotion via Big W stores.

“Australian dogs could smell the food in the containers and simply demolished the container to get at the food outside of their regular feeding time,” said Lau.

“We now have products that a sturdier and seal in the smell of the pet food” he added.

According to Lau Laser’s strength lies in their supply chain and their ability to respond to trends in the market.

Recently Laser beefed up their supply chain operations in China as well as in Australia with the controversial hiring of senior management from Brisbane base The Crest Company who are long term supply partners of JB Hi Fi.

Key retail partners of Laser are Harvey Norman and Big W, with the Company now looking to grow their retail relationships in Australia with an expanded range of SmartHouse products.

According to Lau the driving force behind the uptake of their SmartHouse product offering is Amazon Alexa and Google Voice and their software which allows thousands of products to be attached to their network.

“Voice has driven uptake and our job now is to deliver affordable products that allow people to attach and upgrade their smart home products in their home,” said Lau.

“In the early days it was all about the Zigbee platform now voice is the dominant force in home connectivity, and we believe we can deliver the right products for retailers”.

Despite uptake at some retailers several retailers are rethinking their smart connectivity offering.

“While there was an initial buzz around smart connectivity it’s still networked speakers and security products that deliver voice capability that are the top sellers in this category” said a JB Hi Fi Manager.

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